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Rotors for coockie production
The use of modern high-precision computer-controlled equipment allows us to offer customers an improved rotor design that responce for the highest perfomance standarts. Our equipment allows us to provide a high precision of rotors machining at the all stages, including the repeating in the manufacture of molds. We offer moulding rotor from bronze in combination with the inserts of coockie form from special food polymer.

The use of special over wearproof food polymers with the high-adhesive properties allows to achieve exellent  results of forming and getting a clear picture of coockies in a wide range recipes.
Large formining rotors traditionaly made with composing rings and can be supplied with spare rings on request.

During the development  the customer can choose a picture from the catalog, as well as from any other one. Before the production of the rotor, shape is created by  computer volumetric model of cookie in natural size, proposed to the customer. This allows you to estimate the design visually, determine the volume and mass of the future product.
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